• First to deposit gets the reservation

  • A down payment of fifty percent (50%) is required to confirm your reservation (non-refundable). However, guest has the option to reschedule the booking to another available date if properly advice at least 14 days before the scheduled date of reservation.

  • Payment can be made through Bank deposit (BDO and BPI)

  • A fee of Php 300 per head shall be paid in excess from total declared guests.



  • 10 minutes inspection/inventory prior to checkout.

  • Please ensure care in using the resort’s facilities. Any damage made should be shouldered by the guest.

  • "NO ADDITIONAL PERSON" should be allowed after the designated number of guest has been declared. 

  • Should any accidents occur, La RePrezza Resort waives responsibilities for such event.

  • La RePrezza Resort is not liable for any loss or damage of your personal belongings.



  • Reservation(s) should be done a week or at least 3 days prior to scheduled date.

  • Bring receipts of downpayment on your appointed date.

  • Inform La RePrezza Resort for the delayed arrival. 

  • Use of proper swimwear is recommended. 

  • Occupants are advised to maintain general cleanliness.

  • Respect rules and regulations for your safety.

  • Should you need assistance, our caretakers are always at your disposal. 

  • First Aid Kits are available upon requests.


  • Extended stay can be accommodated as per resort’s availability and for extra fees.

  • Our swimming pool is open 24/7. We can accommodate on the spot clients based on the resort’s availability.

  • *** Prices are subject to change.


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