Q: How can I make a reservation?

A: A down payment of fifty percent (50%) is required to confirm your reservation (non-refundable). 


Q: Is down payment refundable?

A: No. However, guest has the option to reschedule the booking to another available date if properly advice at least 14 days before the scheduled date of reservation.


Q: Do you allow oculars?

A: Oculars are allowed as long as there are no guests occupying the resort with the desired time. Please advise us any time to check the availability of the resort.


Q: Can we go to the resort earlier?

A: If the guests intend to rent the resort before the time of their schedule, kindly advise us beforehand. We will check the availability of the resort and inform you.


Q: Can we use the karaoke machine/sound system at night?

A: We can only use it until 10PM, to adhere to our city ordinance.


Q: Are infants free of charge? Also, any additional payment in excess from total declared guests?

A: For the number of pax, we count both adults and kids alike, except for infants before 12 months. We also count everyone that goes into the resort regardless of whether they are staying overnight or not. Extra pax surcharge - Php 300/Head


Q: Can I bring my dog to the resort?

A: Sorry, pets are not allowed in the resort.


Q: Is smoking allowed in the rooms?

A: Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms.

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